Stay out of the Sand this Summer

Stay out of the Sand this Summer

July 10, 2019

Whoever said umbrellas were only useful for sloshing through dreary Winters was clearly mistaken. I mean, why pray for rain when you really just need shade? With Summer in full swing, what better time to pack up your sticks and tee off in style! Customized golf umbrellas top off the perfect sunny day on the green and carry your brand with you. 

A light breeze coupled with a chilled Arnold Palmer and a dash of shade whip up the ideal recipe for a day on the course. Personalized umbrellas are the definitive, essential accessory this Summer Season. With a 58” arc The Mercury is that perfect touch of shade your golf adventure craves. 

These golf umbrellas are also an excellent gift choice for every golf enthusiast in your life. Doubling as a traveling advertisement for your brand or organization, these stylish umbrellas come in a variety of colors and patterns to better customize your brand - and leave your mark on the links! 

Travel in style and shade this Summer with our entire line of Holden Umbrellas