Celebrating Umbrellas!

Celebrating Umbrellas!

January 28, 2019

Since the invention of the umbrella in ancient times, they have remained a necessary mainstay throughout the world, sparing its thankful owners from pesky weather conditions and unrelenting sun. Umbrellas have also been associated with royalty, status, fashion, and even religion. 

They have continued to evolve in their functionality and more recently, also our admiration. Portugal, home to the Umbrella Sky Project AgitAgueda, is one example of an annual art exhibition featuring massive displays of colorful umbrellas. It has inspired various copycats across the globe even popping up as far as Pensacola, Florida. 

In the remote village of Bo Sang in Thailand, they have adopted the moniker The Umbrella Village, attracting tourists from across the world to witness their umbrella artistry and annual festivals. The Beauty Pageant Bike Parade even has contestants adorned with umbrellas. Although the history of the introduction of umbrellas to this region is unclear, their passion for umbrellas is unwavering. 
The allure of umbrellas as artwork might not be instinctively obvious, but considering its international reach and growing community, it has definitely established solid footing. The skill and attention to detail that is required for these art showings only goes to prove the labor of love that these artisans put into their lives and work. 

Although, most of us are more apt to hurriedly grab an umbrella on our way out the door, it is truly inspiring that this commonplace staple has found a new appreciation!